9 Days!

We leave in 9 days!
Sorry for the late update. We’ve been super busy with meetings during our lunch period every day last week and then a long meeting on Saturday.
We are pretty much prepared for music, crafts, skits, and speaking, but are still lacking a little bit financially. If the Spirit moves you to support us, please do so by clicking on this link http://www.gofundme.com/CCAVolcan2014 or getting in contact with one of the team members you know personally.

During the big meeting on Saturday, we discussed what we were going to put on the back of our tshirts. The shirts we have were ordered from Project Backyard (http://www.projectbackyard.com/) both because we love the shirt and it fit. We are doing a mission project here in our own backyard of Panama.
We debated what to put on the back of our shirts, but finally decided to put characteristics of the individual. Papers passed around with a team member’s name on the top, and everyone wrote down 1-2 words that they thought described them. At the end of it all, the individual picked from that list or had a friend help them pick. This is what we ended up with:

Pepper is Doer
Avery is loyal
Trin is secure
Paulina is tender-hearted
Daniela is focused
Coach is thunder
Jonathan is uplifting
Michael is solid
Esther is dreamer
Tina is grace

If you know any of the team members personally, I am sure you’d agree that each of these words describe that team member almost perfectly. This group is so diverse in personality and strengths/talents. We are excited to put all of our gifts together and glorify God!

Keep us in your prayers over the next week as we are getting ready to head up to Volcan!



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