We leave on Wednesday!! 🙂
Today was our last huge meeting all together. We are more excited than words can express. 
My last post was just bragging about how amazing God is and how HE made it possible for us to raise all the money to fund our trip. I just learned today that one of the leaders had specifically prayed to God the morning we got so much money so quickly. Her prayer was that she trusted God would provide the funds, but she asked that He would do it in a way that we would only explain as HIM. Sure enough, we met our goal and even exceeded our goal! 
At the meeting earlier, we collectively came up with a list of prayer requests we want you guys to be lifting up this week. Please take some time to spend in prayer for us. 

Prayer Requests:
*Patience with each other
*Logistics (traffic, time management… ect.)
*Not our words but God’s 
*Responsibilities that are being left behind 
*Speaking in Spanish 
*Good stewards with what God has given us (talents, responsibilities, finance..)
*Preparing the hearts of the groups of kids/youth we are working with
*Good rest
*OUR hearts (By name: Michael, Jonathan, Pepper, Avery, Daniela, Paulina, & Trinity)

*Coach Nathan isn’t speaking….(he came up with that himself :P) 

Look how pretty this group is 😉 

 – Trin


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