We Made It!

We made it safe and sound to Volcan!

Today was a little crazy. Right after school, the staff prayed over our trip. We then got on the bus for an 8hour+  drive. That’s a LONG time in a bus together… major bonding. Super Jesus conversations were taking place, and we are already pumped to get back to the city to start on our new goals and ideas for the rest of this school year. But, we’re focused on this week right now. Tomorrow, our plan is to wake up and go set up for a soup kitchen. After the soup kitchen, we’ll give a program to a group of about 250 kids at a school. We are very excited, but PLEASE pray for us because that’s as LOT of kids to handle.


Avery and Trin snuggling


The back of our shirts. Everyone has a name that we feel describes who they are as a person 🙂 (see last blog for more details in case you can’t read the names)


Trin passed out


Avery did Pepper’s hair




Quotes from the day: 

“Is there a bug in my hair?” – Pepper
“I would like to be a dolphin.” – Michael
“That never ending road though.” – Jonathan
“Ahh dang! My butt is itchy.” – A girl who shall not be named
“Are we making this an open burp/fart zone? Because I’m totally in for that.” – *this was followed by a lot of farting…. told you we bonded.*



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