Day 1

I forgot to tell you guys this, but Miss Morgan’s cookies are sent from Heaven. Seriously, those things didn’t even make it to Volcan because we were chowing down (Or so we thought until we discovered the guys had their own secret stash…).

As a team, we decided to start our mornings with a group devotional. Today, Jonathan was in charge and he shared on 2 Peter 1:3-11. Super Jesus conversations were happening again this morning and it is just awesome to watch how God has put us each together in this group.

We got ready and went to the church that we are partnering with here in Volcan. Before we started the rest of the day, we took a walk through the neighboring streets to see the houses of the people in this community. These houses are constructed out of whatever is accessable. They are built along a road on property that isn’t theirs and they live with the threat that one day they may be kicked out of their home. Many of the kids wake up in the mornings with fungi on their faces because they sleep on the dirt floors. The church shared with us that they have gone into some of these houses and built floors for them.

The church is very practical in their ideas and visions for their community and building. They are working on developing a second story to be able to rent out to mission teams that come and stay there. Tomorrow, we get to do some work around the church to help them reach some of their visions for this property that God has blessed them with.

Then, we worked in a “soup kitchen” program called Pan de Vida. It’s a new ministry the church we are partnering with has, and it is super well oraganized. Kids come and line up and are fed lunch. Then, there is a little program put on afterwards. Today, we were in the charge of the program. Trin did music for the kids and Pepper helped her with motions. Then Paulina had organized a few skits for us to do. Basically, it was about doing things that are right and not disobeying God. The other one was about putting on the armor of God so that we are ready for whatever battle comes our way. After the skits, we played a group game led by Michael and Jonathan.

This afternoon, we arrived at an elementary school to do another program. We originally thought we would have an hour at the school, but were told we had 30 minutes when we got there. Insert a minor stress moment and then once we reorganized ourselves we did kind of the same program as this morning except with Daniela doing some crafts with the kids, and Avery handing out snacks. Super fun times.

Our plan tomorrow is a little busier. We are going to be doing some practical work at the church, working in an orphanage/juvinial detention center, a trash dump, and a ministry called Joy Ministries.

I’m about to give you guys a picture overload so enjoy 🙂 Also, follow our instagram!! (It changed in case I didn’t tell you before to CCAVolcan2014)

I have REALLY awesome pictures I wanna show you guys, but the internet isn’t strong enough to upload them right now. Go look at the instagram and then when we get back we’ll upload pics.


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